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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
Все видели новый аватар Патрика на myspace?

little vulture in red square by william

алсо, в блоге Патрик выложил ютьюбовское видео Vulture из Армы с подписью "from russia with love xxx"

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Дождалась заю *_*

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
Скоро (ну... ведь скоро же!) выходит сингл The Pan I Am :ura:

(c) edwardlarrikin.com

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Петя в Москве^^

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
25 апреля Патрик выступит в Москве на AVANT FEST 2009.


инфа.................... непроверенная XD
единственный источник - сайт самого аванта.
На офсайте / майспейсе - молчок.

Ждем подтверждения, нэ.

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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
“After taking a break from touring last year, I am excited to be back onstage to perform my new album, ?Battle?. While recording throughout 2008 I did a few unadvertised personal shows that helped me remember my passion for performance after 13 years of curtain calls and spotlights. The tour is starting in England and will see me and my band revisit Russia, Japan, Australia and the USA over a period of two years. I’m so very excited to get back on the open road and onstage where I belong. These dates are just the first few warm ups to what will be a long and wonderful journey. I am planning to present a whole new bigger production and vision to what I have delivered in the past… So be prepared for many surprises and new arrangements of the best from the last three albums… See you there… Back to rehearsals now…”
Patrick Wolf


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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
тут сэмпл-микс нового альбома, который запланирован на апрель

спасибо s27w за наводку~

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Пришло письмо

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
И опять ничего про non-UK фанов.
Мы можем спонсировать или нет?!

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Happy New Year everyone,
Firstly, we’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has bought a Bandstock. However, we feel that many of you are still undecided about the scheme because we haven’t fully explained its benefits for both Patrick and you, the investors.
For Patrick, going the Bandstocks route will allow him to release the record on his own label with complete artistic control. (And believe Team Wolf when we tell you that Patrick has poured blood, muscle and sinew into making Battle an epic, and what we believe will be one of the most important records of 2009.) Equally importantly, it will mean that he will own the rights to his own recordings - a right not even The Beatles ever gained.
Bandstockholders, you, will be involved in a unique experiment, the first of its kind, that puts artists and fans in a business relationship that doesn’t mean you simply buy things as a passive consumer, but also that you will share in the profits of the record. All the net revenue generated from the sales of Battle - whether that be digital downloads or CDs - will be split; 50% to Patrick, 20% to the company that runs Bandstocks, and 30% to stockholders.
The album’s close to completion - your investment will not only go towards production of the record, and making this the best Patrick Wolf record to date, but also fund the making of videos, remixes, recording of b-sides, touring, fabulous artwork, a wondrous wardrobe, both CDs and 12″ vinyl (yes vinyl!), marketing and promotion. Simply, to make this release as exciting as it could possibly be. And we welcome your contributions to this, so post any ideas you have on the forum. Should any be used, you will receive full acknowledgement, and special favours.
Aside from helping Patrick enormously, and sharing in the profits, being a Bandstockholder will mean you receive the following benefits:
• an album download (the powers that be might make us charge a small fee to cover VAT and admin)
• a name credit on the album and on the Bandstocks website (if you want one)
• the right to buy a special limited edition of the album, signed by Patrick, and available only to Bandstock holders
• to attend stockholders-only events
• special booking privileges for concerts
• exclusive merchandise offers
And we can announce the first stockholders-only event will take place in the near future. Patrick will be undertaking intensive rehearsals in London for the first Battle tour (details to be announced soon), and a lucky few Bandstockholders will be invited to attend rehearsal at the end of the day. Patrick and the band will play a short set, and Patrick will take part in a Q&A session. This is only the first of many planned events that will continue throughout the Battle campaign during which we will make sure that every Bandstockholder gets an invite to an event of some sort.
So, get along to bandstocks.com and help make this the best and most successful Patrick Wolf record to date. And please, help spread the word, post Battle banners on your blogs and sites; grab them here patrickwolf.com/banners.
Team Wolf

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Larrikin Love - Freedom Spark

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
Сегодня ко мне пришел японский релиз Larrikin Love
Сей релиз снабжен очаровательным буклетом с текстами,
брошюркой с переводами текстов на японский язык, а так же замечтательными бонус плюшками:
- три бонус-трека (и тексты к ним)
- 4 видеоклипа.

Ждите аплоадов!

/пост будет апдейтиться и обновляться!/

К сожалению, MU и MF меня не любят уже вторую неделю, поетому заливаю на SS
если возникнут проблемы со скачиванием, просто зарегистрируйтесь))

*FLAC: 001 002 003 004
/используйте hjsplit для объединения/


Larrikin Love - The Freedom Spark /japanese release/

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Два поста оптом

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Bandstocks: notes and queries

Hey there,

First up, a big ta to everyone who has bought a Bandstock. We're really pleased with how they have gone so far. But don't let that stop you buying more, or telling your friends, because the quicker we sell out, the sooner we'll be able to get the album out. And the more stocks you hold, the greater your privileges, and access to the special offers. Everyone, also please note, assuming Patrick's forthcoming masterpiece matches the sales of Magic Position, every investor will get their money back, if not make a few quid on top. So just head over here bandstocksand stock up (sorry, couldn't resist).

We've been reading the forum, and the comments and messages posted here, and we're working on solutions to the two most common queries: namely, is it not possible for people outside the UK to buy stocks? And how do we buy them as gifts for people?

Well, we have found solutions to both and will be making announcements here over the next few days, as well as giving you a few more details about the special privileges that will be made available to Battlestock holders.

Sorry if this sounds like a tease, but we don't want to promise things we can't deliver.


Team Wolf x

* * *
Sunday, December 21, 2008
Give Bandstocks for Xmas

You can now buy Bandstocks for your nearest and dearest Go to bandstocks.com for details.

* * *
ну а про дату диджействования мистера Вульфа в лондонских злачных местах нам наверно без надобности?)

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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?

вспомнилась сегодня одна книжка...
в общем, вылитый Эдик xDDD
сорре за флуд ^________^

Короче. Я решила продолжить тему
Остапа понесло

там и Патрегу досталось xDD
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
Wow…it's really been a scary age since my last blog, huh? I've been undergoing a lot of changes behind the scenes over the last few months while finishing the album. I started writing up some of the credits recently, and for a record that I had planned to make totally within one studio, and to try to sit still for a whole year, me and these new songs have really experienced a lot of drama and traveling along the way. Which is why this final mixing process is almost ten times more cathartic than the actual songwriting process. I'm feeling lighter by the day as each track is put "to bed".
I've holed myself up in Yorkshire in a place called Castleford, no distractions here apart from repeats of Jeremy Kyle and the amazing local 6 year old pop-star-in-the making little Danielle Ling who plays a Hannah Montana keyboard down at the local Chinese takeaway… Kate Bush, I have found your successor! (YouTube clips to follow soon)

Ok, so I mentioned "behind the scenes", and it's really time to tell you a bit of the story. Basically, this album was not and never could have been the sequel to Magic Position. I don't work like that. I tend to finish one creative rhythm then move onto another with each album. Thus, Battle was not the album that my last label wanted me to be making; I guess I'm not family friendly or conservative enough to play that game, and I am getting a bit more fearless as I grow older. Not really been one to compromise with businessmen in my life, so I thought why should I start now when I'm at my most self confident and passionate about the sound of music that I want to create and explore? So, Universal and I decided to part ways. So with album 4… I'm back in the free world of Independent Music

Anyway, thank god I set up Bloody Chamber Music this year, I can finally focus on my label and make it everything I wanted it to be this time last year when I first announced it… I want this to be a label that understands how the music industry has changed beyond recognition year by year since the millennium. That we need to establish new relationships between musician and audience, work out a respect system by that if a musician spends their whole year making an album, putting the hours you would at a full time job, no one would expect you to work full time and not be given your salary at the end of the year… But a musician, who like you, has to have food on the table, maybe support a family, pay rent on a flat, works on an album for a year or more and then the album is taken for free… as if all the goods for your store fell out the back of a lorry and were stolen. Yes, as someone that released their first record just before My..Space and the huge rise in the use of Napster etc… I have seen things change around me and panic amongst many of my musician friends, some having to move to squats, not have enough money to make a follow up album and give up their passion for good.

I think its time we all rethought this industry because for me right now, there is no music industry.

For instance there is no Top Of The Pops; distribution companies, record shops and legendary recording studios are going into administration weekly. The mediocre musical vocabulary of Simon Cowell has taken over the music charts, Hit singles are vehicles for product placement and heterosoc... This is not the world I aspired to make music in back in 1998 when Bis could play on Top Of The Pops as an unsigned band and Bjork, Faith No More, and PJ Harvey were constantly aweing and shocking in equal amounts in the top ten. This does not make me any less passionate about making my albums, despite mad reports that I was retiring last year... (If anyone actually read what I wrote it never mentioned giving up music. I don't even have the ability to give up music. it would be like having a lobotomy. I was just wondering if I could give up publicity, have some form of private life again) I am in this bonkers game till the day I drop dead….

So, with my label, there are two ways to go about things. The dangerous route, that many are taking is to take money from city investors… and then basically they have a huge share in your band and a say or filter on your creative output – basically like being on a major label. Or, the second option is "Bandstocks" which to me sounds the most exciting, and is the route I have chose.

Basically, anyone can invest in a share of the album soon to be released. The more people that invest, the better the packaging, the better the mastering, the bigger the budget for videos and tours etc… the more fantastic the album is… the bigger the tribe… the bigger the battle, and bigger the victory in my language. If you need the finer details then go over to www.bandstocks.com, to hear some snippets of the album, and read all about it! All those that invest get the opportunity to come to secret rehearsals, and to get a limited edition amazing version of the album, get the album first, get first dibs on tickets for the tour. I'll invite you all over for a big homemade Wolf stew and a round of grog when I win my Grammy…

Ever since I was younger I promised myself to look always to the future ways of being a human, or at least embrace the current options at least. This is a brave new world we face. I refuse to let the crumbling industry around me make me have to give up this life long passion and journey I've been on. Although this is album four, I feel like I've only just begun and have great things to achieve with my life. Now, just like at the beginning when we pressed up 1,000 of the Patrick Wolf E.P and sold it hand to mouth, you get to be part of the journey too… Lets get futuristic!

I recently met the actress Tilda Swinton and she filled me with so much fire thinking about Derek Jarman; to me, the greatest outsider and visionary of British Film. I think about him down in Dungeness making one of his last films, "The Garden", With a couple of old Super 8 cameras; no sсript, no money, and hardly any eyesight, making a true masterpiece. I am from this world of creativity, when you have nothing you really make something… and when you have too much, you often make too little.
Tilda actually ended up being the narrator for Battle. She appears on four or five songs as the voice of hope against all my negativity… The album has been blessed!

Ok, I must go… so much to do! This Thursday I am back at the Barbican playing a few Christmas songs on the piano, I was commissioned to write a new Christmas song… after spending the last two weeks in front of my organ contemplating eggnog, Argos Christmas trees, family fights, Satan or Santa, Mr Blobby etc etc I have decided to write about wanting to give birth to my boyfriend's baby… I would make a good mother if I had the right organs.

Wishing all the love, joy, good sex, and peace to you… Be back with you all shortly. From Your boy in Battle xxx PW

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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?

пля, не удержалась xDDDD

Димка возжелал еще фото с Эдиком, но к несчастью,
в ассортименте плакатов шереметьевского Burberry были ток Петя и Агнесс
В Познаньском не оказалось обоих ТТ

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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
photos from Laugharne
Эд и Патрик

photos by Carina Jirsch

Ну и бонусом две фееричные фотки Эдика

photo by Vrederick van Muyden

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Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
John Peel Stage 2007-06-23
Включает фееричное выступление совместно с Edward Larrikin
/я даже не знаю, что было более фееричным... выступление или состояние Эдика xD/

00:00:00 - Overture
00:04:16 - Get Lost
00:07:52 - To The Lighthouse
00:12:20 - Bluebells
00:17:12 - Bloodbeat
00:22:08 - Accident & Emergency (+ EL)
00:26:07 - Magic Position

/Части по 150мб, объединять hjsplit/

Скачать с MU: Part 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

Сразу говорите, если вдруг не качается.


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21:15 Friday, November 14, 2008

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?
Dearest listeners, friends and supporters...

Today is the launch of my Youtube channel, Patrick Wolf Tv
This will be an official source of visual communication from me
documenting my journeys past, present and future...
I have been filming much of the last few years on the road
not knowing what I may end up using these little documents for...
I have decided it now time to start editing all this mass of footage
into small chapters I am calling my "journal".. I have even come
across a video of the launch concert for Lycanthropy I did in a
little abandoned taxi rank in east london over five years ago.

To start off with, Is Chapter One, a little personal scrap book of visual memories
from america, the long drives through the deserts, sweaty mid summer
stages, the amazing experience
of meeting my american audiences... The soundtrack is a
backing to a new song I programmed while driving through
death valley during the day and night long drives across the states..
I hope you enjoy it... make me know if you want more... there is over five years
of footage to share and many stories to tell. Im so excited by this new channel
that has been set up, a total new and intimate medium of staying in contact
with you all directly.

Today I recorded the string sections for the new album and the final vocals and choir parts will be completed with in the next week.. Then to mixing.. I should have the album all done and ready to go for 2009 before christmas. Lots of exciting news to come which I cant wait to share.

In the mean time enjoy Patrick Wolf Tv... its only just begun!

biggest love xx pw

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Go, Edward!

Are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?

Итак, расскажу про самого любимого из друзей-коллег Вульфа - про Эдика *_*
Для тех, кто не опознает, на всякий случай скажу:
мистер Эдвард Ларрикин - "question vocal" в песне "Accident & Emergency"
Частенько выступает вместе с Патриком и активно в етой песне ему подпевает и подтанцовывает в весьма оригинальной манере.

Edward Larrikin (настоящее имя Edward Leeson) родился 25 апреля 1986 года.
То есть на данный момент этому гениальному созданию всего 22 года.
Некоторое время назад Эдди на форуме группы клялся, что его зовут Liam, однако его раскусили.

Эдди... Ему всего 22, но он уже разочаровался в жизни в Лондоне и Англии вообще.
Он резко отзывается об етом в интервью и заявляет, что ему все ето надоело до чертиков, и желает переехать в какой-нибудь... Париж. Ну, или куда-нибудь в Грецию, где он учится в колледже и живет 6 месяцев в году.
Эд много читает, что находит отражение в его текстах. Он жадно впитывает в себя достижения любимых музыкантов, не попадая при этом под их влияние. Пожалуй, только чувствуются "последствия" совместной работы с Патриком Вульфом, но это лишь сделало музыку еще интереснее.
Он много экспериментирует, в его песнях можно услышать и традиционные британские мотивы, какие-то еврейские мелодии, песни в стиле эстрады 80х и даже регги. Его песни - это песни юного бунтаря, читать его тексты - одно удовольствие. Прекрасно образованный, Эд привносит в свои тексты литературные впечатления, перерождения классических героев, богов и мифов, сочетая все ето с политическими уколами и нередко с провокационным сексуальным подтекстом.

О проектах Эдди...

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Sorrow by Nature